Studies & Applications

Baghouses are cleaning systems of gas mixtures that came from heavy industrial waste gases, dust from various processes of production and ash foundry of heavy industries. The performance depends from the velocity of input/output of air and from the nature of the material that filter. Baghouses used in heavy industry for the contain of any form of particles smaller of 2 micro.

The design and the study of filter systems depends from every specific application (big temperature, condensation of air, hydrolisis, explosions from sulphides etc). So for every application and demand there is specific application of filter systems that usually can not transfered in other facilities.

Because of the 22 years experience , Baghouses are systems that can be easy constructed. The fact that consisted from moving parts and specific parts is not problem because they have small maintenance. The reason of the small maintenance is the correct study of the application and moreover the correct choice of the filterbags, the calculation of the correct filtering surface, for the reason that take seriously all parameters for the best performance of every Baghouse. The scope of Baghouses and of cleaning systems of gas mixtures are very big especially in heavy industry.