Neutralite is a light hydroscopic neutral dust, low density, harmless for your plants, the environment and the staff, with a wide spectrum granulometer and it has a triple-absorption of the specific weight.

This material scores from the beginning, stable permeability for the filtersails, so that damage of the filtercages can be avoid, because of the hydrocarbons, DP’s increase and as a result the time dicrease, which is taking place between the successive phases of the filterbags’ cleaning.


If the plant is of such a kind that sparks can reach the filterbags, (incandescent corpuscles) then, it is proposed to use a special for the occasion dust render NEUTRALITE SP.

The NEUTRALITE SP has all the specifications of the simple NEUTRALITE but it also has the additionas specifications of its chemical composition, to scratch the sparks before they reach the filtersail.