• Resistan gaskets with ready threadeds for easy installation.
  • Sealing gasket constructed with special treatments for the creation of little tolerances between surfaces that come in touch.
  • Spheroidal bearing.
  • Spindle of big size that has sufficient torque to move big sizes of material.
  • Input and output of conical shape, for the correct loading of material in the chambers of the rotor and the reloading of the material, respectively.
  • Collar of eyebolts from special materials.
  • Body constructed by casting so to have maximum stability.
  • High performance rotor of eight fins for maximum ability of transferring of material and absolute waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing rings in the line that prevent the leaks of dust and air.

Airlocks used in pneumatic systems of transferring of materials, in control systems of dust and moreover us volumetric feeders with purpose the steady supply of material at the operation of material. The airlocks have complete impermeability and prevent the input of air in the system, that has as result the building of the material due to the moisture.

Choices: Monitoring doors, special investments and materials for airlocks such us steel, cast iron, aluminum.